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Malay Week event, Gano Exxcel won the Alibaba Emerging Brand

This year, the third Malay Week Carnival will be held through live streaming. The cloud shopping platform jointly created by Alibaba Group and the Malaysian government, under the joint cooperation of the Chinese and Malaysian anchors, has fully assisted the recovery of Sino-Malaysian trade against the trend. The gameplay and scale of this year’s Malay Week have been fully upgraded. More than 200 Malay merchants will offer more than 600 kinds of South Asian goods on platforms such as Tmall, Tmall Global, Taobao, Juhuasuan, Hema, Koala, and Fliggy.

IMG_7646.JPGThis time, the live stream of Goods in Malaysia will focus on creating five types of explosive products including Gano Excel ganocafe classic,ganoexcel Reishi Gold, bird's nest, durian cake, and black tiger shrimp. In particular, the Gano Excel ganocafe classic from Gano Excel was strongly pushed by major streamers. The coffee containing the natural ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum is the exclusive first on the international stage, and it breaks the traditional way of eating Ganoderma lucidum. It has fully entered the Chinese people's vision with healthy new drinks and has been praised by the Chinese people. In this Malaysian event, Gano Excel ganocafe classic, as a new healthy drink beloved by the whole people has won the favor of Jing Tian, Da Zuo and other good officials!


After the 10-day Malay Week event ended, Alibaba finally selected the most competitive new brand in the industry in 2020 through the popularity and praise of consumers. Among many companies and businesses in Malaysia, Gano Excel stood out and won the Alibaba Emerging Brand Award. Gano Excel's brand and service have attracted eager attention from the society and become the most popular brand in the industry. Its new healthy drink made with red ganoderma as raw material is an unprecedented innovation and has improved people's health awareness. This award has motivated merchants and enterprises to continue to create better products, and also inspired Gano Excel to continue to innovate products based on the original intention of the enterprise, to provide consumers with more choices of quality products, and to open up a healthy diet for the whole people.

857194fa-c530-481a-8128-286c5e049616.jpgSenior Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia Datuk Seri Azmin Ali said that all brands and products of Malaysia Carnival Week face Chinese consumers, and only high-quality Malaysian products and brands are selected, so that Chinese consumers can enjoy the quality of Malaysian international brands, to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for high-quality brands and products, to promote Malaysian businesses to provide Chinese consumers with better quality and more competitive products, and to promote the development of Sino-Malaysian trade, and to help Malaysian companies establish a better image on the international stage and take a longer-term development path.


Alibaba Group Director and Chairman of Ant Group Jing Xiandong said at the Malay Week awards event that many companies have won Alibaba's Emerging Brand Award during the Malay Week Carnival, and high-quality products will naturally be loved by Chinese people. For example, Gano Excel, as a cutting-edge brand, hopes that it can always adhere to its original intention of products, have a good reputation on the international stage, and provide Chinese consumers with better products and services. At the same time, I hope that all businesses and enterprises can continue their efforts to jointly promote the long-term economic development of China and Malaysia.


Gano Excel, as a cutting-edge brand of this year’s Malay Week, is recognized by Alibaba for the first time. It is an honor for the company. It further narrows the distance with Chinese consumers and is a new brand advantage for Gano Excel in the future development. Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to focus on the original concept of "bringing health to every family", based on the research and development and innovation of Gano Excel Reishi, making full use of brand advantages to further improve product quality and create healthier fashionable drinks.

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