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Vacuum low temperature fresh extraction technology

Process overview: 

The vacuum low-temperature fresh extraction technology is a biological engineering technology developed and developed by the GanoExcel Red Point scientific research team. 

Main target: 

High-quality purification of natural organic matter 

Main application: Pharmaceutical, health care products, cosmetics industry 

Development time: 


Technical application: 

This technology is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics, and food industries. Mainly for high-quality purification of natural organic matter. 

Technical background: 

Natural organic matter is an organic compound synthesized in the living body. It is widely distributed in nature. There are two categories of small molecule natural organic compounds and natural organic polymer compounds. It is characterized by a complex mechanism of action and a huge variety of ingredients. The simple flowers and leaves in daily life are all natural organic matter, but its chemical composition, mechanism of action, and active substances are much more complicated than general organic matter. Therefore, the purification of the effective ingredients of natural organic compounds is a major academic problem. 

For pharmaceuticals, health care products, and cosmetics products, the so-called high quality must meet the "three highs", that is, high nutrition, high purity, and high activity. The reason is that the end of action of this kind of products is complex human body. For the human body, high nutrition is the material guarantee to meet the balanced metabolism of the body system, high purity is the requirement to ensure high nutrition and high activity, and high activity is the high quality of the product. The core of the product is the functional component that mainly plays a corresponding role. Under normal conditions, the activity and the curative effect are in a significant proportional relationship. In addition, high activity is an important determinant of the targeted positioning of effective substances.

However, only satisfying the "three highs" cannot extract the best extracts, and the natural freshness of the extracts must be ensured. Traditional techniques often require many complicated processes to ensure the "three highs" indicators of the extracts. The more processes, the more the natural freshness of the extract will be destroyed. The guarantee of the "three highs" cannot guarantee the "freshness", and the guarantee of the "freshness" cannot guarantee the "three highs". This is the technical paradox of traditional craftsmanship. It has also become a technical bottleneck restricting related industries. 

Technical breakthrough: 

In 1996, GanoExcel red point scientists through 30 years of intersecting research in dozens of disciplines including genetics, natural organic chemistry, molecular biology, condensed matter physics, etc., finally conquered this famous world problem and quickly developed Out the process used in production. 

The raw materials used must be 100% fresh raw materials. Therefore, the time, temperature, humidity and other parameters are strictly controlled in the entire process from the origin of the raw materials, harvesting, transportation, storage to production. In the core extraction process, the production and extraction procedures are strictly controlled. In the sterile workshop, the output of the automated production line controlled by the computer is also strictly regulated to ensure product quality. Therefore, the hardware and software requirements of the production process are quite high. 

Technical principle: 

 Freshly picked: The raw materials used must be 100% fresh raw materials. Therefore, the time, temperature, humidity and other parameters are strictly controlled in the entire process from the origin of the raw materials, picking, transportation, storage to production.


Fresh extraction: Freshly harvested raw materials are subjected to high-purity fresh extraction within 24 hours of water-soluble (polar compounds), alcohol-soluble (semi-polar compounds), and fat-soluble (non-polar compounds).


Vacuum low-temperature concentration: In order to avoid high temperature from destroying natural fresh nutrients, low-temperature concentration must be completed in a vacuum environment of no more than 50°C to ensure high-nutrition, high-purity, and high-active ingredients.


Vacuum low-temperature freeze-drying: The extract is frozen into a solid under a sterile environment at -40°C, and after vacuuming, the water is sublimated and dried to make a sterile powder.


Representative products:

Fresh Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum coffee

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