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Tropical rain forest
breeds freshness

Gano Excel Organic
Ganoderma Plantation
Located in the original
tropical rainforest of Malaysia
25-32°C all year round
humidity above 70%
Fresh air
Provides a particularly favourable natural
conditions for the fresh growth
of Ganoderma lucidum


Fresh Ganoderma

Tropical rain forest breeds freshness

Gano Excel Plantation is located in the original tropical rain forest of Malaysia. The annual temperature is 25-32℃, humidity is above 70%, the sun is abundant, and the air is fresh. It provides  particularly favourable natural conditions for the  growth of Ganoderma lucidum.

Climate: The tropical rain forest is known as the "lung of the earth" and is one of the most precious resources the earth bestows on mankind. The climate is very suitable for the growth and reproduction of large fungi. Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate,The freshly extracted Ganoderma plantation of Gano Excel is close to the equator. It is hot, rainy and sunny all year round. In this high temperature and humidity environment, 80% of the world’s Ganoderma lucidum grows here.

Temperature:  The freshly extracted Ganoderma plantation of Gano Excel, with an annual temperature of 25-32°C and a humidity of more than 70%, provides a unique temperature and humidity environment for the growth of Ganoderma. The most suitable temperature for mycelium growth is 25-27°C, and the fruit body differentiates fastest at about 27-32°C and grows best.

Humidity: The freshly extracted Ganoderma plantation of Gano Excel is located in a tropical rain forest area, with abundant rainfall, with an annual precipitation of more than 3000ml. The annual rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. The air humidity is more than 70%. The fresh growth of Ganoderma lucidum requires high air humidity. During the growth period of mycelium and fruit body development, the relative humidity of the air above 70%-80% is most suitable. If it is lower than 80%, it will lead to poor growth of the fruit body.

Light: The red Ganoderma is a shade-loving plant, which is very sensitive to light during growth and development.The freshly extracted Ganoderma plantation of Gano Excel is located in the tropical rain forest area has an average annual light of about 2000 hours.The sufficient diffused light provides favorable conditions for the rapid growth of  the freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel

Air: Ganoderma is a kind of aerobic fungus which needs fresh air during the entire growth and development process, especially during the growth and development stage of the fruit body, which is more sensitive to carbon dioxide. When the carbon dioxide content in the air increases to 0.1%, the fruit body cannot open the umbrella and grow into staghorn-shaped malformed mushroom; when the content reaches 1%, the fruit body develops very abnormally and there is no tissue differentiation, and even the hull does not develop. Gano Excel is located in the original ecological plantation surrounded by tropical rainforest, far away from the industrial environment, avoiding water, soil and air pollution such as industrial waste water and heavy metals. The fresh air environment makes the freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel more natural and healthy.

Gano Excel Reishi
is fresh and bright

Selected high-quality
Ganoderma lucidum strains
After 38 years and 52
generations of breeding
stable quality
The fungus reach to 25mm, lock fresh spores
Each Gano Excel Reishi
Fresh and full healthy and bright

Reach to 25mm
lock fresh spores

Fresh and full
healthy and bright

The content of fresh Ganoderma
lucidum spores is over 90%

The Ganoderma of Gano Excel is fresh and bright

In order to cultivate high-quality and stable Ganoderma lucidum strains, Mr. Leow soon seng spent more than 30 years researching Ganoderma lucidum. The Freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel has been bred for 37 years and 52 generations before it has the characteristics of freshness, thickness, brightness and fullness.

Fresh: The freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel not only has high quality and fresh strains  but also has full and fresh spores. The nutrients and active ingredients accumulated in a whole fresh Ganoderma lucidum are also very fresh and full.


Thickness: The thickness of each  freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel can reach 25mm, which is full of fresh spores, and the effective ingredients contained in the fresh spores are more vivid and rich.

Bright:The freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel, each Ganoderma lucidum, its shell is healthy, red and bright, and its natural luster is very fresh and full. It has all the characteristics of high-grade Ganoderma lucidum, but the color of poor grade Ganoderma lucidum is not bright enough , Also does not have gloss.


Full:The freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel tube layer accounts for up to 90%, containing fresh spores. Every Gano Excel's Ganoderma lucidum is high-quality, fresh and nutritious.


Artificial pruning
Single Cultivation

Fresh and matural Ganoderma
is picked in 3 months
The content of fresh Ganoderma
lucidum spores is over 90%
The active ingredients is most
complete and comprehensive
The whole plant is freshly harvested
keeping freshness and nutrition

Fresh harvested

Single Cultivation

Fresh picking of whloe plant

In the process of cultivating fresh Ganoderma lucidum,Gano Excel adheres to the cultivation method of single plant, one bag of one lucidum, and one lucidum at a time. After 3 months, fresh and mature Ganoderma lucidum is harvested fresh to ensure the freshness and nutritional content of fresh Ganoderma lucidum ,

Freshly harvested: The freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel enters the mature stage after 3 months of growth. This is the period when the effective ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum are the most comprehensive and abundant. Gano Excel manually harvests freshly matured Ganoderma lucidum, which perfectly locks the fresh spores in the fungus to avoid external contamination. Fresh Ganoderma lucidum that has just been picked contains more than 90% fresh spores.


Hanging process: The unique hanging process is adopted, and the bag and the bag grow independently and relatively independently, which avoids the infection of mixed bacteria among the Ganoderma lucidum, and at the same time, it can deal with the ganoderma infected by the mixed bacteria in time.


A bag of a lucidum: single plant cultivation, manual pruning is used to remove the multiple ganoderma lucidum buds to ensure that every fresh ganoderma lucidum grows in a sufficient nutrient environment, so that the effective ingredients of the ganoderma can be rich.


One lucidum at a time: Ganoderma lucidum is cultivated only once for each space bag,and the space bag that prevents nutrient content is re-used for cultivating ganoderma lucidum, fully guarantees the nutrient of each ganoderma lucidum cultivation environment.


Green cycle: Gano Excel has established a green cycle system for the used nutrients in the space package to recycle the nutrients for earthworms, improve the fertility of rice fields and bean fields, and reduce environmental pollution.

Fresh extraction within 24H
40 times concentrated

Freshly extracted within
24 hours after picking
Avoid loss of active ingredients
in Ganoderma
Advanced extraction technology
easily absorbed at molecular level
40 times fresh and concentrated
The active ingredients is
richer and more effective.

Fresh extraction

Rich in content

Fresh extraction in 24h, 40 times concentrated

The freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel,  A freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel extract only 3g, 40 times fresh and concentrated,rich in active ingredients, fresher and more effective.

Fresh extraction: The harvested fresh ripe Ganoderma lucidum is carefully cleaned, and the red  Ganoderma lucidum is freshly extracted for 24 hours using the industry's advanced extraction process to avoid the loss of the fresh active ingredients of the fresh Ganoderma lssucidum.


Advanced extraction technology: The Gano Excel factory uses the world's leading extraction equipment and technology to conduct multiple extractions of fresh Ganoderma lucidum by water and alcohol extraction. At the same time, it has established scientific research cooperation relationships with 6 research institutes and laboratories around the world, including the United States, Japan, and South Korea.


40-fold concentration: The advanced scientific extraction process can fully extract the fresh Ganoderma lucidum, and the absorption rate to the human body reaches the molecular level. A freshly extracted Ganoderma of Gano Excel only extracts 3g, which is 40-fold fresh and concentrated, with rich active ingredient content and fresher ,More effective.


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